These Charts are Interactive - and They Refresh Each Month!

Sold Listings

Active Listings

New Listings

New Pendings

How To Analyze Market Activity

You will need more than just the charts to understand specific market activity but they are a great start. We can customize these for specific properties to be able to show you updated information on the fly. If you are looking for specific information, please contact us.

  • Active Listings - Properties in Active status are available for sale and have no ratified contracts pending at the end of the time period.
  • New Listings - New listings represents the number of new properties placed for sale during the time period.
  • New Pendings - New Pendings are those listings that changed to either Contingent or Under Contract during the time period (New Pendings=New Under Contracts + New Contingents). To clarify, there are instances where a listing goes to contract (included in the “new pendings” bucket) and is then settled in that same month (thus, also included in the “sold” bucket).
  • Sold Listings – Refers to those listings that went to settlement and closed during the time period.